I've finally decided to get a proper domain name: http://www.more-magic.net. Please update your bookmarks and feed readers!

I used to run this blog on a hostname from the good folks at DynDNS, which I registered in my college days. DynDNS had the benefit of being 100% free (great for poor college students!), but the disadvantage of having to run a tool called ddclient. This tool is intended to update DNS entries for hosts with dynamically assigned IP address, and if you don't run it, your hostname will expire.

Occasionally ddclient gets "stuck", not performing updates anymore. This happens unnoticably, until you get an e-mail from DynDNS stating that your domain will expire in 5 days unless you click the reactivation link and restart ddclient. The hassle of this and the risk of ddclient getting stuck at a bad time, together with the unprofessional quality of running under a domain that's obviously not your own (and harder to remember) finally got me to consider paying for a proper domain. So there you have it: more-magic.net :)